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Beautiful view of canvas glamping bell tents in a green field with walhway at moutain in b

Education for those who live outside the box

LIVE Online Learning and Outdoor Bushcraft Education

Enroll in our 2024 -2025 programs today.

Life-long learning skills.




Fun, adventurous, hands-on, and traditional.


  • Computer Science (Coding, cryptocurrency, NFTs)

  • Entrepreneur classes

  • Self-directed projects

  • Outdoor Education - Bushcraft Kid™ Curriculum

  • Community service projects

  • Economics

  • Language arts

  • MathScience

  • Social studiesHistory

  • Art, Music, Drama

Meeting students'
individualized needs.

Every student is unique, and every student learns at a different pace. MHA meets students where they are. 

Since we are a community-based program, your student’s personalities and interests are considered when we are building our curriculums.



  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Edu-Scrum style teaching

  • Learn/life balance

  • Outdoor education

  • Technology & computer science

  • Progress monitoring

  • Family Flexibility

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 9.13.45 AM.png

"Montana Hybrid Academy has helped integrate my daughter's love for nature with her schooling in such a way that it keeps her motivated and excited to learn. Having the classes taught by educators from across the world has helped broaden her views and prompted an adventurous spirit for travel as well. I highly recommend Montana Hybrid Academy and look forward to seeing what's next for this fantastic program!"


A. McLean

We focus on quality academic education and practical skill development for students between ages 10-14 or 5th-8th grade for our Middle School program and 14+ for our High School Program

Montana Hybrid Academy has blended the World School remote learning style with Bushcraft (homestead) Education from Montana to create an amazing hybrid academy that focuses on the development of the whole child!!

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