for those that don't

fit in boxes. 

What is Montana Hybrid Academy?

Teaching students creativity, confidence, and character!


At Montana Hybrid Academy, we believe that students can love learning, enjoy a challenge and support each other along the way. 

Our model allows for inquiry-based learning, where questions drive critical thinking, curiosity, and discovery.  Meeting students where they are in all subjects and giving them the support and encouragement they need to grow as learners. 

Blending High-Quality Academic Education and Outdoor Skills 

Montana Hybrid Academy has blended the World School remote learning style with Bushcraft (homestead) Education from Montana to create this unique learning experience!! We focus on an inquiry-based learning model where each unit, we dedicate ourselves to answering a question through subject matter lenses for students between ages 10-15 or 5th-10th grade. 

​We educate for the development of the whole child. Montana Hybrid Academy, Omnis Education, and Outdoor Educational Rangers have developed a curriculum that engages kids remotely through peer mentorship, hands-on activities, and group discussions. Our goal is to curate your child's love for lifelong learning.

M, T, & W, your child will receive inquiry-based learning via Google Classrooms with a passionate subject matter teacher. Thursday's and Friday's have been built to get outside and learn about the outdoors in our Bushcraft Kid Experience located in Whitefish, Montana. We will focus on outdoor education, homesteading skills, community engagement, agriculture skills, and bushcraft skills. We will be meeting in person for those that select the Full-Time option. 

Suppose you are not in the Whitefish, MT area. No worries! We will bring activities to you!


For our Remote Education option, we still have you covered!


Remote students will receive their K.E.M.P.T.  activity choice card with various levels of activities and topics for your students to dive into!

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"Montana Hybrid Academy has helped integrate my daughter's love for nature with her schooling in such a way that it keeps her motivated and excited to learn. Having the classes taught by educators from across the world has helped broaden her views and prompted an adventurous spirit for travel as well. I highly recommend Montana Hybrid Academy and look forward to seeing what's next for this fantastic program!"


A. McLean