Our Story

In 2010 we decided to sell all of our belongings, rented out our home, and move our family to China to teach English and create experiences and adventures.  At the time, our children were 3.5 and 1 years old. Our oldest was in a K3 headstart program at the time, and one of our biggest concerns was her education. How bad were we going to mess up her college possibilities with our nomadic lifestyle that we didn't know how long it would last. 

Our children's education is one of the most important things. We want them to learn, have great experiences, make life-long friends, ask questions, solve problems, and become life long learners. Our hearts were torn between our desire to create adventures as a family and educate our children. 

We then came across The New Global Student by Maya Frost and were introduced to World Schooling. After reading this book and reaching out to the homeschool/world school community, we didn't know exactly how we were going to navigate it or what it would look like; however, we knew that there were people who had gone before us and educated their children to be life long learners attending college and creating their unique footprint. 

Fast forward to 2015, when we relocated back to the states after living, schooling, and working in six different countries, we knew that World Schooling worked. We knew that it was possible to educate virtually in a fun and engaging way while adding real-life experiences was really the best way children retained the information. We educated the whole child.  

Over the past five years, we have navigated public schools, parochial schools, homeschool, road school, and private school. Each had its advantages and disadvantages, but only one costly private school came close to what World School had given us. The cost of East Coast private schools are extremely unaffordable and not an option for many. We had to choose which of our children would attend as we couldn't afford to send both. 

Then in 2020, one of the largest educational crises took place. Children were no longer able to attend their school, cities and towns were shut down, and some public schools took six weeks to communicate any plan to the parents, and children were stuck home, feeling forgotten. During this tragedy, people who were familiar with our family reached out for assistance. We helped them create structure, understand homeschooling, and connect them with the resources that had taken us over 10 years to accumulate. 

In 2020 we partnered with Jenn Miller from Beyond Schoola pioneer in World Schooling and an expert in educating your Whole Child to build a curriculum that supported a child through their developmental process and engaged the family in their learning experience. Our curriculum is built around experiences with a topic. 

Outdoor Bushcraft Education was built into Montana Hybrid Academy because technology isn't everything. One important piece of the World Schooling model is getting outside and getting involved in your community, nature, testing your senses, and learning through exploring. 

Why we started Montana Hybrid Academy

We created the Montana Hybrid Academy because we know that remote learning can be fun and engaging. That your child can learn topics that excite them and the ones they don't enjoy don't have to be painful! With the right curriculum and delivery method, children can engage, make friends, and become life long learners through remote education.

Our model is to develop the whole child in the outdoors, at home, at "school", and for the future. We provide engagement pieces for children to get outside and learn self-dependency skills and create a connection with nature. With the rapid speed that technology is consuming all of our days, we are devoted to teaching skills that will make the outdoors exciting, adventurous, and safe for our tweens/teens. We think parents are going to enjoy our Bushcraft Wednesdays too!

We invite you to join our team here at the Montana Hybrid Academy!