Middle School
Ages 10-14

2022 Fall Registration Open


Flexible, individualized, and engaging.

Subjects we cover:

  • Computer Science

  • Entrepreneur classes

  • Self-directed projects

  • Outdoor Bushcraft Kid

  • Community service projects

  • Economics

  • Language arts

  • MathScience

  • Social studiesHistory

  • Art, Music, Drama

Structured teacher-led virtual classes

  • Experiential Learning

  • Edu-Scrum teaching techniques - What is Edu-Scrum?

  • Peer-led class discussions

  • Critical Thinking 

  • 100% transparency

  • Blending the best of technology and real-life learning

  • One Room Classroom Model (if you are not familiar, please  read this 2020 Forbes Article)


  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Edu-Scrum style teaching

  • Learn/life balance

  • Outdoor education

  • Technology & computer science

  • Progress monitoring

  • Family Flexibility

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Parents and families receive

  • Weekly student progress reports

  • Optional camping outings in Montana. Everyone is welcome.

  • Dedicated homeroom teacher to help you with any questions throughout the year.

  • Parent/teacher meetings 

  • Optional testing opportunities

  • End-of-year portfolios

  • Assistance in getting set up as a homeschooler or end-of-year submissions your state requires. 

  • Quarterly parent/administrator meetings so you know what is happening in the school at times.