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Middle School
Ages 10-14

2024 Fall Registration Open


Flexible, individualized, and engaging.

Montana Hybrid Academy is a hybrid education program specifically designed for teens and tweens. It blends homeschooling, world-schooling, remote learning, experiential learning, and outdoor education.


At Montana Hybrid Academy, we dedicate an entire day every week to outdoor education, where students learn survival skills, bushcraft skills, animal husbandry, and nature conservancy. 

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, your child will receive fun and engaging classes via Google Classrooms from passionate educators around the globe. Our students receive a variety of classes, from cooking to economics.  

Thursdays are Bushcraft Kid™ Day!

Our trademarked outdoor education curriculum teaches survival skills, animal husbandry, and more. Here your student will have the opportunity to earn their Hatchet Badge, Wooly Badge, Fire Badge, and Avalanche Badge. 


If you are not in Montana, no worries! We encourage you to create your own Bushcraft Day!

Fridays we offer drop-in sessions in Language Arts and Math.

Here, students have the opportunity to level up or get extra support if needed. We strive to meet students where they are and provide the support or challenge they need to obtain their educational goals.  Families love the flexibility of using these drop-in sessions or making the day their own.

See a sample schedule 

What Parents Say!

We like the academic portion of school because it is online and he is home with us. The amount of time in between each of his classes allows him to go outside or do something physical to release some of his energy. The educators are caring, and optimistic, and communicate with the parents when he needs help or lets us know something he did great on. We really like the new grading system that was implemented. It shows areas he needs to improve and what he has mastered. 


The curriculum is based on unit topics that are relevant and interesting to the students. The educators do a great job of teaching and directing the students, while at the same time letting them have a voice in how they want to proceed in that area. 


We love the Bushcraft Kid Days because he gets to be outside all day. He gets pushed to be more active and participate in activities he has never done before, such as snowshoeing, making yarn, taking care of baby animals, and working on nature trails.  - Brain and Kristy

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What Students Say!

"Montana Hybrid Academy is nice because I can do school from home and it is fun. The games and activities at Bushcraft are way better than sitting all day in a classroom. Also, Carlos is the best teacher ever!" - Graham

I always thought school was boring. Montana Hybrid Academy found a way to make it interesting. - Caroline

Montana Hybrid Academy has made school interesting and the educators care about how I do in school. - Lupita

The educators are nice and I like how it’s based on different topics we are interested in. - Isaac

I like that I can do school while cuddling with my dogs. - Abraham

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Structured teacher-led virtual classes

  • Experiential Learning

  • Edu-Scrum teaching techniques - What is Edu-Scrum?

  • Peer-led class discussions

  • Critical Thinking 

  • 100% transparency

  • Blending the best of technology and real-life learning

  • One Room Classroom Model (if you are not familiar, please  read this 2020 Forbes Article)


Parents and families receive

  • Weekly student progress reports

  • Optional camping outings in Montana. Everyone is welcome.

  • Dedicated homeroom teacher to help you with any questions throughout the year.

  • Parent/teacher meetings 

  • Optional testing opportunities

  • End-of-year portfolios

  • Assistance in getting set up as a homeschooler or end-of-year submissions your state requires. 

  • Quarterly parent/administrator meetings so you know what is happening in the school at times. 


  • Inquiry-based learning

  • Edu-Scrum style teaching

  • Learn/life balance

  • Outdoor education

  • Technology & computer science

  • Progress monitoring

  • Family Flexibility

Subjects we cover:

  • Computer Science

  • Entrepreneur classes

  • Self-directed projects

  • Outdoor Bushcraft Kid

  • Community service projects

  • Economics

  • Language arts

  • Math, Science

  • Social studies, History

  • Art, Music, Drama

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