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Hybrid Outdoor High School

 High School Register for Fall 2024

Flexible, individualized, and engaging.

Montana Hybrid Academy is a hybrid education program specifically designed for teens. It blends homeschooling, world-schooling, remote learning, experiential learning, and outdoor education.


At Montana Hybrid Academy, we dedicate an entire day every week to outdoor education, where students learn survival skills, bushcraft skills, animal husbandry, and nature conservancy

Limit of 15 Spots for the 2024-2025 School year


High School  Ages 14 +

We developed Montana Hybrid Academy's high school because we believe that teens should be learning and DOING


We provide the structure for them to explore interests, build relationships, work in a student's desired field, and create safe spaces for our students to fail before they are adults and are expected to navigate the world independently. 


Our program is 100% individualized to your student's needs, so they have the tools necessary to create the future of their dreams.

What we offer.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, your student will receive fun and engaging classes via Google Classrooms from passionate teachers around the globe in the core subjects, language arts, history, science, math & computer science.

Thursdays are Bushcraft Teen™ Day!

Our trademarked outdoor education curriculum teaches survival skills, animal husbandry, and more. Here your student will have the opportunity to earn their Hatchet Badge, Wooly Badge, Fire Badge, and Avalanche Badge. 


If you are not in Montana, no worries! We give you the day to create your own outdoor adventure

Fridays, we offer drop-in sessions in Language Arts, and Math. 

Here students have the opportunity to level up or get extra support if needed. We strive to meet students where they are and provide the support or challenge they need to obtain their educational goals.  Families love the flexibility of using these drop-in sessions or making the day their own.

Individualized Programming

Every student has the opportunity to individualize the rest of their high school experience. 

  • Work-Study Program Our students have the opportunity to develop a work-study program in an area of interest. 

  • Backpacking Trips - Our high schoolers have the option to participate in three separate week-long backpacking trips with our excellent Bushcraft Kid™ Staff.

  • Dual Enrollment - Montana Hybrid Academy has partnered with Flathead Valley Community College to offer our students the ability to earn college credits while in high school. 

  • Entrepreneurship Endeavors - Given the guidance and space to create and develop their business idea through our SDP class. 

  • Local Sports, Clubs & Activities - Since your student is registered as a homeschooler, you still have the option to participate in your district's activities and sports teams. 

  • Dedicated Advocate - Each family receives a dedicated guidance counselor who works with you and your family to create your student's weekly schedule, goals for the year, and more. 

  • Weekly Check-ins - Every week, your students meet to ensure they are on track.

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 9.36.10 AM.png

Students refinish the picnic tables at Lone Pine State Park.

Structured teacher-led virtual classes

  • Peer-led class discussions

  • Critical Thinking 

  • 100% transparency

  • Blending the best of technology and real-life learning

  • One Room Classroom Model (if you are not familiar, please  read this 2020 Forbes Article)


Parents and families receive

  • Weekly student progress reports

  • Outdoor outings are scheduled throughout the year. 

  • PTA meetings 

  • Opportunities to stretch their creativity through our Self Directed Project Class. 

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