Meet the Montana Hybrid Academy Team


Our team comes from a broad range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences all focused on developing the best learning experience for our students. We are dedicated to excellence, integrity, and freedom. 



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A native Spanish speaker with 6 + years of experience teaching Elementary and Middle School. 


His career began while still in high school, and he discovered his love for teaching while tutoring 5th and 6th grade. 


In 2017 he started a project to help disadvantaged kids, teaching them English and music in his community.


Linnea Carlson deRoche

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Jennifer Deemer

Jen has an MLA in Landscape Architecture and is a leader in her homeschooling community in Pittsburgh, PA. She loves education because it connects us to the natural world around us while celebrating intellectual risk-taking.


With over a decade of experience, Jen uses science in her landscape architecture practice as well as teaching science to a wide variety of ages from physics camp for kindergarten to natural sciences for middle school. She excels at making science a hands-on learning experience and using her student's interests to get them excited about learning inside and outside of the classroom. 

Linnea has a Masters's in Education and has spent summers traveling to Thailand, New Zealand, and Europe while teaching in Philadelphia. 


Linnea‘s teaching experience extends to giving tours as a National Park Ranger.  In addition to international travel, Linnea, along with their partner and three children, have spent several winters visiting National Parks in a minibus that they converted into a camping castle. 


Linnea believes that learning happens everywhere and works with various groups of people to create self-directed learning opportunities, always with a focus on social justice and playful self-inquiry.


Wesley J. Hays

Bushcraft Kid™ Curriculum Lead

Wesley grew up in the Sierra mountains of CA and moved to MT starting high school.  Finding many ways to live in the world, Wes favored experiential learning and sought out many teachers and paths to create the ideal lifestyle for himself, that fit with his values of simplicity and creativity. Through the study of history, primitive and ancestral skills, herbalism, permaculture, music, and carpentry, Wes is hoping to bring health and happiness to his community and family. He has been a youth mentor for many years and teaches various skills, and runs his business Sanctuary Spaces LLC providing knowledge of natural and sustainable solutions to today’s building and home space design needs.


Amy Sztupovszky


Amy is an RYT-200 yoga instructor studying with SOYA Yoga Academy and is a Yoga International certified Yin instructor having studied with world-renowned Yin instructors, Bernie Clark and Diana Batts.


She is passionate about sharing the calming, stress-relieving beauty of yoga in a safe and non-competitive way. Amy believes that EVERY body is a yoga body. She weaves pranayama (breathwork), and mindfulness throughout all her classes and describes her classes as moving meditations. 


Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller is a third-generation world schooler and education hacker who has been defying norms and forging her own path from early on. She is wildly passionate about travel, creative arts, and education, and intentionally works to encourage others to find innovative ways to make their dreams a reality.

Hannah started her first business (in cookie sales) at age 11 and by 16 had begun an online career in content management and design. By 19, her online business had grown to the point where she could sustainably live and travel anywhere in the world.

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Kellie Barker

Kellie made Montana home in 2013 and fell in love instantly.  When she isn’t skinning the mountain or hiking trails with her two girls she helps individuals find strength and knowledge through her functional medicine practice in Whitefish.


Functional medicine approaches health by looking at a whole individual, not just a set of symptoms. With this process a person can learn how sleep, stress, food and other variables come together to help or hinder a healthy path through life.

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Missy Jonson


Missy has been a math teacher since 2001.  Teaching students from diverse backgrounds in an inner-city high school and taught in one of the top prestigious public schools.  


Missy earned her Masters' degree in Counseling (Secondary Education) to help guide her while in the classroom.  After starting her family, she created and opened up her own private math tutoring company called Valley To Peak Math Tutoring.  Missy has been a private tutor since 2008 and has since partnered with different private schools. 



Lyndy Birch


Lyndy is a graduate of Bastyr University with her Bachelors of Herbal Science. She immersed herself in her studies in Western Materia Medica and herbal medicine, permaculture, gardening, botany, herbal medicine making and various subjects within human arts and sciences. She has worked with a variety of mentors in Naturopath clinics, permaculture farms, apothecarys, and educational environments throughout her travels around the U.S and Central America. In which has continued her own passions of learning about the different bio regions of culture and medicinal plant life. Lyndy's foundational beliefs for teaching are based upon health and wellness with a holistic approach. Considering the body, mind, spirit and soul as systems of ecology, the health of our ecosystems down to our soil. We are in a reciprocal relationship with Nature which is a life long journey we all can learn together. 


Paz Chentnik


Paz has over 12 years of experience in the Ed-tech space. She has homeschooled her own two children from various countries while running a technology education consultancy firm for a select Fortune 100 companies. 

Her focus is on combining technology and hands-on learning by using nature as an educational medium. 

In her off-time, you can find her canning, hiking, or at her next book club meeting. 


Lupita is a competitive rock climber, avid backpacker, and snowboarder. 

She has lived on four continents and has over 55 stamps in her passport, but she is happy to call Montana home now. 

Her passions are foraging, leather works, fire safety, and building a community. 


She is Omnis Education's Chief Education Officer and is responsible for ensuring that we offer world-class learning opportunities for ALL students and develop a team of world-class educators.

Jenn has over 20 years of experience in supporting families to build a world-class education for their children outside the four walls of a classroom – beyond school.

In addition to successfully homeschooling her own four children, from birth to university entrance while traveling the world, full time, for over a decade, Jenn has a degree in education and has worked with hundreds of families as a consultant and educational coach.

Jenn Sutherland-Miller


Skylee Russell

A multi-instrumentalist, instrument maker, and music educator, Teilhard Frost specializes in traditional Appalachian folk music. He was raised on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario, spending time with the elder fiddlers in the area.


At the age of three he was given a jaw harp and harmonica by his father, his mother gave him a fiddle, and a record of Kentucky fiddle tunes. He has continued to play them all ever since.

Bushcraft Kid™

Skylee has been learning and practicing primitive skills from a young age. She spends a lot of her time honing her skills backpacking and living off the grid throughout the North and Southwest. 

With experience in varying topography, climates, and knowledge of flora and fauna, Skylee is not only wonderful with kids but a wealth of knowledge. 

Skylee is dedicated to sharing her skillsets with those who feel that they don't fit in traditional spaces due to their interest in the outdoors.