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Q. What remote platform will you use?

A. We use Google Classrooms. 

Q. What is a one-room classroom, and how does it work?

A. Here is a great article by Forbes on the benefits of a one-room classroom.

Q. Is there a teacher available for my child all day?

A. YES! There will be a live teacher for each subject. 

Q. Is Montana Hybrid Academy accredited?

A. No, Montana Hybrid Academy is not an accredited program. 

Q. Do I still need to register with my county/district as a homeschooler?

A. Yes, everyone must register with their state as a homeschooler, and Montana Hybrid Academy is an educational program that families use for their homeschool needs. 

Q. Am I still required to keep my own homeschooling records? 

A. Yes, Parents are responsible for maintaining all necessary records. Since regulations vary state by state, please check state requirements to understand what documentation is required.

Q. Does everyone stay together on every subject?

A. No, the teacher directs each student to their ability. The one-room classroom model allows students to move ahead or spend more time on a specific concept. Teachers ensure students aren't left floundering or feeling left behind while enabling them to move forward on concepts that come quickly to them. The one-room classroom model helps students practice empathy and mentorship to those younger and older than them. 

Q. Will there be homework?

A. No, we do not believe in working all day long to then make the parents be teachers again at home. The only time your child would have homework is if for some reason they did not spend their work time appropriately. If there is a larger project that will require some after-school work time, we will be letting the families know ahead of time. We encourage after-school time to be spent outside or with family and friends. 

Q. Will the classes be recorded?

A. Yes, we record all classes for a few important reasons. The first reason is for quality control of the curriculum and school culture. The second reason is so that if you miss a class, you can catch up by watching the recording. 

Q. What if we miss a class?

A. We treat it as any other "school" would. We ask that you make up your work as quickly as possible and watch the recorded classes. 

Q. What if we will be on vacation/holiday for an extended period of time? 

A. We are strong believers in learning through experiences. We ask that you bring this up with your Education Consultant as soon as possible to work something out with your teacher. This does not change the cost of your tuition at all. 

Q. If we miss a class, can we be refunded?

A. No, you will not be refunded if you miss a class. 

Q. Can we join mid-semester?

A. Please e-mail us at to discuss if a placement is available. 

Q. Do you offer financial assistance?

A. Yes, we have private donors that believe in our program and provide funds for those that might not be able to afford a program. Please email us at

Q. How can we best support our children in their journey through education?

A. MHA will provide this information in our weekly bulletin, along with discussing these topics in our open-source settings.

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