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Meet our class avatars. These were created during our comic book lesson.

Hiking the Danny On, Whitefish, MT


Our students sanding and staining the picnic tables at Lone Pine State Park, MT

Admissions Process:

  1. Fill out the application, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 414-469-1643. You can find the application here. 

  2. Once the application is received, you will schedule a zoom/phone call with our director. This is where we learn more about your student and answer specific questions regarding which program you are interested in to make sure Montana Hybrid Academy is the right choice for your family.  

  3. If you are enrolling in one of our Bushcraft Kid™ Day programs then on our call we will discuss the specific outdoor activities, attendance policy, attire policy, and answer any of your questions. We want to make sure that your student is set up for tons of fun and success.

  4. If you are enrolling in our Middle School or High School program, we will notify you of your child’s acceptance status within a few days of your call.

  5. For Middle School and High School enrollment, once accepted, please complete the following steps to secure your child’s spot at Montana Hybrid Academy: $150 non-refundable enrollment fee paid and completion of the Family Enrollment Agreement, Student Handbook, and the Tuition Payment Plan. The enrollment fee is due when the Enrollment Agreement is signed.

  6. Then we will begin assessments, and you will receive all pertinent school information. 

Got questions? Schedule a call with our director, Paz.       Click here to schedule your call today. 


Tonja - Parent

This school does not have a "one size fits" all philosophy and they have been wonderful working with my child's specific academic and developmental needs to make sure he is successful in all aspects of his development.  MHA has been a wonderful option for our family as we are full time travelers.  They understand the value of learning while traveling and have been supportive in us taking time to explore the community we are visiting but also giving our son the opportunity to share that with the other students so they too can learn from our travels as well as the other students experiences. 


Jo - Teacher

MHA is a place where students can learn core subjects like math and language arts, but also spend time outdoors and learn about the wilderness. Another advantage of MHA over conventional schooling is the versatility that an online school provides. Students can travel while still attending their classes. All the teachers foster a healthy learning environment where students can grow at their own pace.

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